• How do I get to the start of the tour? +

    Please note: due to logistic reasons our walking Tours start ONLY from Clifden. Many coach lines, like Citylink and Bus Eireann, regularly connect Dublin airport to Galway and Clifden; check their websites for further info on fares and timetables.
    Reaching Ireland - United States visitors usually fly to Dublin or Shannon airport but also can transit through London Heathrow or Gatwick, depending on their airline.
    Canadian visitors arrive to Dublin, or can fly from Toronto to Shannon.
    UK visitors can access most of our regional airports and all of the international airports from many of the UK regional hubs.
    European visitors should check out Aer Lingus or Ryanair for budget flights to Ireland. Beware the Ryanair luggage restrictions and charges!!!

  • How can I book a self-guided tour? +

    Pick the tour you would like to join and fill in the booking form. Within a few days you will receive confirmation of your booking. When we receive a deposit of €100 per person to secure the booking we will start putting everything together for you. The final payment is due six weeks before the start of the tour and you will then receive all information on your tour.


  • What dates can my tour start? +

    Please note: our tour start only on Moday, form March to October. Please remember this when you pick up a preferred date in the pop-up calendar in our booking form. Thanks!


  • How difficult are the walks? +

    For our self-guided tours you need to be comfortable with walking without the assistant of a guide. All our self-guided trails are well sign-posted and we do provide you with maps and detailed instruction, but it is advisable to have some navigational skills.
    To help you choose the tour that’s most suitable to you we have included a graded system. All participants should have a good level of fitness and be, at least, a regular walker.
    1 easy walk: A relaxed walking experience with ample time to appreciate attractions along the route. Generally on low level paths, which are well maintained with clear signposting, the perfect choice for those with little or no previous experience of walking tours. 
    2 easy to moderate: Daily distances increase on some days and the terrain may be rugged underfoot with some hills, but not too strenuous. Perfect for those with a relatively good level of fitness. 
    3 moderate to difficult: Perfect for regular walkers, some days will be more challenging than others and the terrain will be varied with some rough and rugged footpaths. More ascent and descent involved, so a good level of fitness will be required.


  • What to bring on a Walking Tour +


    1) Good waterproof Hiking boots; we strongly recommend high ankle support and Gortex lined

    2) Waterproof rain clothing, e.g. over trousers/jacket

    3) Layers that can be taken off or put back on easily according to weather and personal comfort

    4) Good hiking socks

    5) Hat and gloves


    Hiking Gear:

    1) Water bottles (at least 2 refillable bottles per person)

    2) Rucksack/day pack, lined with plastic bag or waterproof rucksack liner

    3) Water proof bags to put valuables, gloves, change of socks etc. (even inside a lined rucksack)

    4) Sun-block, factor 30 or higher (These Islands have been known to get sun from time to time!)

    5) Small torch/flashlight

    6) Camera


    1) Gaiters

    2) Hiking Poles

    3) Insect/midge repellent

    4) Thermos and Lunch box

    5) First aid kit with blister care bandages


    Clothing that is NOT recommended on Hikes:

    Trainers/Runners/Sneakers (No ankle support and no foot grip)

    Jeans/Denims (Get very heavy in wet weather and uncomfortable to walk in)


  • Meals on Self-guided Tours +

    Breakfast is included in your price and packed lunches can be purchased at almost all accommodations.
    We will have a list of restaurants for you to choose from for your evening and all will be either at your accommodation or within a short walking distance away.
    Most dietary needs are catered for, but please advise at time of booking.


  • What do you advise for insurance? +

    We provide Public liability for guests on our tours. We require you to have adequate travel and health insurance and we need proof of this at the time of full payment for your tour. You can purchase this from your travel agent or broker.

  • The Irish Weather +

    Irish weather is famed the world ‘round as being one of constant rain with clouds and dreary shivers. While it is true that something must make the Emerald Isle its lush shade of emerald it is also true that Ireland has plenty of sunshine.
    Irish weather is mild and perfect for walking, we do not suffer from extreme temperatures or fronts like inland countries or even our Scottish neighbours. The average annual temperature is about 9 °C (48°F) but the summer month’s average lingers around 19 °C (66°F) and the winter a manageable 2.5 °C (38°F). Walkers coming to Ireland in the summer can expect to be walking in pleasant temperatures with sunshine and fluffy clouds. Most likely there will also be rain showers along the way. Rain storms are rarely strong, a soft drizzle is more common than anything else; Irish drizzles do not inhibit walking but they can invigorate the walker! The rain showers and drizzles often result in incredible lighting and rainbows so the glowing Irish landscapes will be complete for photos.
    Although Irish weather is generally mild it is also unpredictable and constantly changing so it is wise to expect everything. Storms are rare in the summer but not unheard of, they can be brief or two days long with wind and rain. A walker coming in the Spring or Autumn can expect more fluctuation in weather, a bit more rain, and cooler temperatures.
    Breezes and wind are also a common aspect of Irish weather, which is another reason to pack layers and rain gear that functions as a wind break.